Teaching Excellence Projects at Sawston Village College

Teaching Excellence Projects at SVC – market place tube map

Throughout this academic year, every teacher at Sawston Village College has undertaken a Teaching Excellence Project, a small scale investigation, experiment, trial, project or piece of research intended to deepen professional knowledge and improve classroom practice.  The year’s work culminated in a showcase event, some highlights of which are attached.  It was a fascinating evening, showing the diversity of projects and the depth of thought that goes into teaching and learning in colleagues’ classrooms, whether improving formative feedback, developing new literacy strategies, finding ways of improving knowledge retention or one of the many other investigations.  Further highlights can be found on twitter via @ProfLearnSVC #SVC_CPD

The tube map, attached, gives an indication of the many different projects and their links, and the PowerPoint posters are a sample of some of the findings.

CPD poster 2014 – FDI SUPER conference poster – Engagement and Motivation – JHA Teaching Excellence Project – Research Lesson Study – June 2014 – KSA, JWO, SBO



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