In Praise of the Quietly Innovative | Maggie Farrar

Food for thought for anyone who is a leader, a mentor, a coach…

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I have to confess I have always been a little sceptical of those leaders who describe themselves as ‘innovative’.  Why? Because its rather like someone loudly proclaiming themselves to be ‘humble’.

I have seen leaders who cloak their low boredom threshold in being ‘innovative’, who live in an adrenalin rush, layering their school with initiative after initiative – many imported from elsewhere and failing to take root in a new context. I have seen how confusion can quickly settle into wearisome cynicism amongst those they lead.

These leaders have equated ‘innovation’ with ‘initiative’ and as a result exhaust themselves and their teams and don’t lever out the benefits their (sometimes misguided) hard work should be producing.

On the other hand, gladly, I see many leaders who although they wouldn’t describe themselves as innovative are in fact building a culture of purposeful innovation.  They strive for continuous improvement, they are highly…

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