Month: December 2014

Teacher Talk: Sounding Into Ears

Interesting blog about teacher talk – why it can be ineffective, why it might be useful and how we can make it more effective. The blog is History focused but has relevance to all subjects that include elements of narrative and story telling (e.g. English, RE, Geography, Drama).


In the early middle agesinstruction came from didactic grammarians who taught in repetitive and boring ways… the one way catechism (literally ‘to sound into ears’) by which the master instructed his pupil.” Trivium 21c p45.

When I was at school (not quite back as far as the middle ages) we had a history teacher who would ‘sound into our ears’. He told us to open our textbooks to a certain page, instructed us to copy either from our books or from the board on which he had chalked up what was written in the textbook. He would then speak the words monotonously from the text and we were expected to write at the pace by which he ‘sounded into our ears’. Unfortunately we got bored, started to misbehave, threw things at each other, threw things out of the window, including, on one occasion, a fellow pupil who, when…

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