Penguins and Professional Learning 2014-15: Teaching Excellence Projects at Sawston Village College – Example Projects

Following the previous post explaining the culmination of this year’s professional learning at Sawston Village College, this post includes some examples of the final presentations of individual Teaching Excellence Projects.  To read the first post, please go to –

Flipped Learning in Science:

Increasing higher-level thinking in lessons using a flipped TEP

Motivation in English:

TEP 2015

Collaboration with Teaching Assistants in Geography:

TEP Feedback PPT 9th July

Plenaries in Science:

Some key questions to ask when planning a Plenary activity

TEP poster 2015

Leadership and Curriculum Development in ICT and Computing:

TEP 2015 ICT & Computing

Extended writing in MFL:

Improving quality of writing at KS4 in Modern Foreign Languages

MFL TEP 2015

Revision and knowledge retention in History:

TEP 2015 – History Poster

Germany – Odd one out

Germany – Similar and Different

International Relations – Themes & Titles

Key Dates – Before, During and After revision activity

Overview – Captions for Pictures

Overview – Road Signs

Overview – Words and Themes Activities

Revision Tips – A list of different revision strategies

Pick an event and take notes using the headings on this sheet - what when why therefore


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