Month: September 2015

Planning to be great

Class Teaching

MELCmainThe new year is well underway at Durrington High School.  Due to the local reorganisation of schools in our area, we had a double transition year.  We welcomed 330 new Y7 students for the first time, alongside 330 new Y8 students at the same time – 660 new students in all!  To facilitate this, over the summer a major building project was completed, comprising a new teaching block, performing arts studio, full size astropitch and sports pavilion.  And of course, to complete the package – 40 new staff!

So, it’s back to our core business – great teaching in the classroom.  To support our new colleagues, Andy Tharby and I led a session outlining our approach to teaching at DHS and how we should plan for this.


The quote above should underpin our teaching – if students are going to believe that they can be successful, they need to experience…

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A Letter to my NQT self

Wise words. Good luck to this year’s NQTs…

Teaching: Leading Learning

Dear Chris,

It’s 1997, and you’re about to start your teaching career. In May, as you were completing your PGCE, Tony Blair led the Labour Party out of 18 years of opposition to win the General Election on a ticket of “education, education, education”; that night and the day after, anything felt possible. It’s the summer holidays now; you’ll be reading a newly published book for children called Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to see if it will make a good class reader. It will for a year – but then everyone will have read it. The day before you start at school, Princess Diana will die in a car crash in Paris and her death will dominate the country in your first nervous weeks in the classroom.

I am writing to you now from sixteen years  later. A lot has changed; but much is still the same. Children…

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