Month: October 2015

Unforgettable Teaching: how can we teach in ways that help pupils to remember?


Higher expectations.  A bigger curriculum.  A greater emphasis on terminal tests and exams.  The end of coursework and controlled assessment in most subjects.  A common implication of many of the curriculum and assessment changes that schools have been faced with in recent years is that pupils are going to be required to remember more.  This creates new challenges for teachers: we might be very good at teaching for understanding, but how good are we at teaching for recall? What can we do to help pupils to remember what they studied months, or, perhaps, years ago?  On 7th October, at Sawston Village College, we hosted a conference on behalf of CASSA, exploring exactly these questions.  With contributions from an academic researcher, a designer working in the biotech industry, and practising teachers, this conference explored how pupils’ memory actually works and introduced approaches that could help us to provide unforgettable lessons.  This blog shares the materials from that conference. (more…)