Month: November 2015

Effective and Efficient Marking – How do we do meaningful formative assessment in ways that work for pupils and are not so onerous for teachers?

Go away I am marking

Attached is a PowerPoint from a recent professional learning twilight session, led by Caroline Venn, Head of RE, and drawing up her work with Sam Armsby (Science), exploring how to ensure that marking is both effective and efficient.  What works for pupils?  What is feasible in the finite amount of time available to teachers?  How can teachers keep on top of marking when faced with huge numbers of books to mark each week?  Caroline explores key principles – being selective about what you mark, thinking carefully about why you are marking that piece, and exploring how you mark to provide meaningful written feedback quickly and clearly.

Effective & Efficient Marking – Teaching and Learning Group Twilight – 2015 (Caroline Venn)